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    Monday, June 12, 2017   /   by Coldwell Banker

    Selling? Low-Cost Home Improvement Fixes that Make Your Home Shine

    When selling a home, even tiny fixes can have a big impact. Here are 10 of the best low- (or no-) cost home improvement fixes to make your house stand above the competition:

    . Address the Heart of the Home
    In real estate, the kitchen is a main selling feature and can be a make or break deal for potential home buyers. If a new kitchen just isn’t in the cards, consider replacing smaller ticket items and de-cluttering. Low- and no-cost fixes for the kitchen include:

    New cabinet hardware
    New faucets
    Installing a new backsplash
    Storing countertop appliances to create more work space
    Replacing dark valances with lighter fabric or removing them altogether

    2. Update Switch Plate Covers
    Switch plate and outlet covers are brittle, and can crack and yellow over time, resulting in a home that, no matter how well updated, still looks dated. New outlets and covers can be replaced in a snap for generally under five dollars, making it one of the lowest cost u ...

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