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    Wednesday, April 5, 2017   /   by Coldwell Banker

    Your Home’s April Honey Do List

    Spring cleaning season is in full swing!
    Take a look at this list of to do’s for your home this month.
    1. April Showers Bring May Flowers – But, only if you prep the garden today! Lay mulch around shrubs and flower beds before the weeds take over next month. However, resist the urge to plant warm season annuals and vegetables until the last frost date has passed in your area.
    2. Fresh Air, Fresh Paint – Planning to paint the exterior of your home, deck or front door? Start preparing exterior surfaces now by scraping and sanding so that when the warmer weather arrives, you’ll be ready to apply the first coat (without a coat on!)
    3. Dust Off the Chaise Lounges – The days of lounging in the backyard are almost here! Take some time to clean and repair any outdoor furniture.
    4. Get Rid of House Guests – While we all love having family and friends visit over the holidays, other unwelcome house guests can often make themse ...

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    Saturday, March 4, 2017   /   by Tommy Russell

    Casper Market Update March 4th 2017

    Attention Casper! Here is your market update straight from El Marko Lanes where we are bowling for Jason's Friends.

    Josh - "Alright everybody, thanks so much for joining us on another episode of Off The Cuff. I'm your host Josh Kalinowski. Obviously we are in a little bit of a different environment here for our weekly real estate update here. Chad Lummus, Coldwell Banker, whats going on man?"

    Chad - "We just finished up Jason's Friends Bowling. It was a great time with all the kids, and is definitely a good non-profit."

    Josh - "This is a fun time. I always look forward to it because it is a great organization, but it means that we are in March, the snow is melting! Its a little bit warmer, we are actually outside! I think it has also had an effect on our market as well, whats going on?"

    Chad "We haven't seen you guys in a couple of weeks, but over all the changes have been great. We have jumped up to 173 pending sales, which is up 18. The $115,00-215,00 range is up ...

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